Re: missing piece of HDD while installed F7 for thinkpad T61

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On Tue, 2007-08-21 at 18:23 -0700, Globe Trotter wrote:
> I bought a new T61 with a 120 GB HDD which came installed with Vista Home. My
> original plan was to have a Linux system with 103 GB for /usr/local, 6GB for /,
> 1 GB for swap and 2GB for /tmp. I planned on 8 GB for Windows.
> However, the Vista Home basic was too much for me so I scrapped it and got XP
> Professional installed (very limited). Then I tried to install Fedora. But
> Fedpra can only see 114.8 GB of diskspace, including the XP NTFS partition.
> Question: where did the remaining 5GB part of the HDD go? After looking around
> on my friend Google, I came across a factoid that there is a Rescue and
> Recovery partition which roughly equals this amount of HDD. But this part is
> not visible to me at all 

A warning:  I've read about an issue some have complained that they've
got a computer with a recovery partition that their computer makes use
of if they hit some hotkeys on their computer.  Even if they've wiped
the recovery partition off, hitting those hotkeys modifies the hard
drive, as it attempts to restore the system, rendering the drive
unusable until manually repaired.  I don't recall if it just broke
booting, or it also damaged files.

If you're tempted to try out the recovery hotkeys, do so before you put
valuable data on the drive, or before you spend valuable time setting up
your system.

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