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David L. Gehrt wrote:
For the past  couple of months I have  been having intermittent, serious
problems  with  my  firewall/gateway  machine which  have  disrupted  my
network (especially  email) which caused  me to get suspended  from this
   I gather your computer would not accept the email as in bouncing.

The  end result was  the replacement  with an  unused system  which then
suffered a catastrophic disk failure,  and resulted in my purchase of my
first complete system from a  major vendor, HP.  Before this acquisition
I spent  the past 20 years getting  parts from Fry's and  other Bay Area
stores, and assembling systems on my  own.  When I tried to register the
hardware I had some problems  relating to the failure of Internet access
to an  HP computer  system.  I called  the tech  support line to  do the
thing, but I aborted this call when  I was told by a tech support person
AND his supervisor  that I would be ineligible  for tech support because
about the  first thing  I did with  the system  was blow away  Vista and
installed Fedora Linux (FC6, not F7 or F8).
   This is a usual problem. The guys you talked to no ZERO about Linux :-(

So they want nothing to do with your problems. It is up to you to fix your problem.

I am  interested in discovering whether  others have heard  of this crap
and how people were able to deal with this issue.


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You deal with this by by fixing your own computer. You have been doing this for 20 years 8-)


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User

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