Re: fedora 7 - legacy USB?

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> Thus far ive tried 4 different keyboards that all work on other computers
> and are all ps/2 and every time I end up with the same result. As for
> hot-plugging I have; however it was rebooted several times with each
> keyboard testing different BIOS settings that had to do with the keyboard.
> So unless hot-plugging can cause physical damage to the keyboard that should
> be a nonissue.
The problem is that hotplugging a PS/2 keyboard can cause physical
damage. You have to remember that you are dealing with TTL level
signals, usually without any buffer between the keyboard connector
and the keyboard controller. While it doesn't happen that often, you
can damage the keyboard controller in the computer by hotplugging a
keyboard. This is usually because of static damage, but it can be
because you short pins...

One of my favorate warning on this is "Because PS/2 hotplug is not
in the PS/2 specification, some PS/2 controllers may not correctly
handle "hotplugging" of a device, and some may short out devices."


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