Re: Kernel panic after updating to kernel

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Jim Cornette wrote:
> Antti J. Huhtala wrote:
> > Mon, 23 Jul 2007 17:31:01 -0400, Jim Cornette wrote:
> > Well, my nash and mkinitrd are the same versions (6.0.9-7.1) used in
> > booting the kernel and with it they work just fine.
> > grub hasn't changed either, obviously there was no need to update it for
> > the new kernel.
> You are right that the packages are not always in need of an update. I 
> do believe something needs updated now that the headers have changed c++ 
> compatibility, if I understood the comment someone made on this thread 
> earlier. (or another recent thread with a similar problem)
> > Listing all the packages with pirut shows only one kernel-headers
> > package, and that is the (new kernel) version. I
> > have it installed but it doesn't seem to mess up the booting of the
> > 'old' kernel.
> Likewise, I only have one kernel header version which matches your 
> version, only i386 instead of x86_64.
> Running rpm -q --info kernel-headers describes the function the 
> kernel-headers have. I guess only one version is needed and th headers 
> are only updated with the kernel for additional features. The files are 
> all under /usr/include/linux/... and don't seem to have version numbers 
> for the headers.
> Something seems amiss but I have no idea if a changed header file would 
> cause it when you are not compiling anything
>   *If* there was an earlier version of
> > kernel-headers replaced by the update, booting the older kernel (3228)
> > doesn't seem to suffer any ill effects. Therefore I doubt my problem has
> > anything to do with kernel-headers. 
> I doubt the kernel-headers would mess up your kernel installation either.
> >> There i another posting on the list where a kernel panic was 
> >> encountered. I believe he posted messages containing uncompressing the 
> >> initrd and calls to nash which is a kernel environment shell if I understand correctly.
> >>
> > Yes, I read his post and replies to it but to me it looks like his
> > problem is slightly different and it appears later in the booting
> > process. There is something in common, though: how volumes or Volume
> > Groups are handled (by nash or kernel? I'm not sure but nash *just
> > works* with the older kernel). 
> I guess the nash shell is used by initrd so being a shell, it probably 
> interfaces the same way with the kernel from version to version. Maybe 
> interpretation is handled differently in the newer kernel and nash works 
> great for the working kernel but miserably . Other than guessing, I am 
> clueless about the intricacies needed to load the intird correctly and 
> to build it successfully, modprobe.conf and all the rest.
> >> Oh well, it was worth a try.
> >>
> > Thank you for putting some effort into this, Jim. I appreciate it.
> >> Jim
> Mostly I'm supposing what may be happening and it is interesting to try 
> t figure out what is going wrong with the latest kernel that was installed.
> no problem with the time spent on trying to broaden ideas.
> Jim

Thanks again, Jim

It just dawned on me that against all good advice on this list and
elsewhere I decided to *upgrade* from FC6 to Fedora 7 instead of a fresh
install. That's why I had some minor issues two months ago, such as my
printer wasn't working and K3b didn't work either. Both problems were
resolved by removing and reinstalling.
If I'm not mistaken, there are some packages renamed '.rpmnew' in my
system right now as a result of the upgrade. Guess I'll have to look
into them and see if there's something explaining why the new kernel
panics at boot. I also might consider a fresh install...

I'll report later what I found out.


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