Re: Kernel Panic after F7-32 install on nforce based board

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Ok, so now I know why the name has changed from HDA to SDA for all hard drives.

And I also have a Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe system that has no problems whatsoever. What really bugs me is that when I had FC6 running on this same system, I didn't have to do anything, it just worked.

I tried reloading again, and my apologies, it wasn't pata-nvidia, it was pata-amd loaded, as well as sata-nv [for the raided drives].

I am going to try booting into rescue mode and see if updating the kernel to the latest version will help with this.


On Jul 20, 2007, at 07:17 AM, David Timms wrote:

Ubence Quevedo wrote:
I find it odd that the IDE drive was being assigned a SDC dev name instead of an HDA dev name. Could this be part of the problem?
Please take a look at: search libata

By the way F7 works nicely on an asus a7nx8 {nforce chipset} {no bios raid stuff}.


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