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On 7/20/07, Justin W <[email protected]> wrote:
Kam Leo wrote:
> On 7/20/07, Timothy Murphy <[email protected]> wrote:
>> I asked a while ago if there was any way
>> of only downloading a package once
>> and then installing it on several machine,
>> and I was advised that the yum-downloadonly plugin
>> would serve this purpose.
>> I just got round to looking at this,
>> and I don't really see how to set this up.
>> What I would like is an option to yum, say localrepo,
>> so that if I say "yum --localrepo update" then
>> 1. yum will look first to see if the package it wants
>> is already in the directory /common/RPMS/
>> (specified in some config file),
>> and install it from there if it is found; and
> You do not need the yum-downloadonly plugin. Edit /etc/yum.conf and
> change "keepcache=0" to "keepcache=1". All the rpms that yum downloads
> will remain in the /var/cache/yum directories (separate directory for
> each repo) until you dispose of them (yum clean packages, rm xxx, mv
> yyy, etc.).
I've been keeping the cache, but now with so many updates, I've got a
bunch of older versions which have newer packages also downloaded. Is
there a utility which will cleanup the older packages and leave the
newer ones? If I can find that, I sure I could then devise a way to
combine yum, cron, "that" utility, rsync, createrepo, and the priority
plugin for yum to download the minimal amount of stuff for multiple
servers/desktops/virtual machines (right now I only have one, and this
problem is one of a couple reasons why I haven't expanded yet).
>> 2. If it does not find the package locally
>> it will download and install it,
>> and save a copy in /common/RPMS .
>> Is this already available, eg using yum localinstall ?
>> --
>> Timothy Murphy

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