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Bob Goodwin wrote:
> Not exactly, echo $TERM  responds 'xterm'
> And it I do 'xterm'  I get a small terminal with black text on white
> whereas doing 'xfterm4' produces another XFCE terminal such as I
> have now configured to my liking.  So it appears there is a
> difference with xfce installed?

No.  Use whatever terminal you like.  I was just trying to find out
whether the terminal you use sets the TERM environment variable to
xterm.  It appears that it does, just as gnome-terminal does.  That is
important because the bash profile script that sets up colors will
prefer /etc/DIR_COLORS.xterm over /etc/DIR_COLORS.  And
/etc/DIR_COLORS.xterm does not use bold colors (that's the primary
difference between it and /etc/DIR_COLORS).

> Also I don't find a  '~/.dircolors' must I create that?  

Yes.  I would create it by

$ cp /etc/DIR_COLORS ~/.dircolors

Then, try sourcing the colorls script again:

$ source /etc/profile.d/

And see if that changes the bold colors:

$ ls -A ~/

This is a common change I usually make on my own systems because I
prefer the bold colors on the black background terminals I use.  I've
not noticed any problems with this, though presumably there must be
some, else there'd be no reason for the separate defaults to console
and xterm type terminals.  As I said before, I thought that this has
something to do with unicode and font capabilities, but I can't recall
where I got that idea from.

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