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ti479 wrote:
ok i got fc 7 up and running- now i need to get my wireless going the
intel 3945. i read through the other post and downloaded the ipw3945d
the ipw3945-firmware, and the dkms-ipw3945 packages. i tried to
configure a new wireless interface but after i go through the motions
of setting up the i.p address and stuff i cannot activate it because
fedora dosent register my wireless card. and now that o have read
trought the other forum i wanted to know if anyone found a way to
actually get these things working.???

Yes, there are many who have laptops with the many Intel hardware devices working under F7. But please give us more information. It is possible your not using the right software.
 Please do this: As a root do # lspci | grep wireless and if no
output just #lspci and make sure you see and understand the hardware.
Now goto the web page and find your
hardware and the software you will need.
 Now use this # modprobe filename and if it says "no such file" your
kernel does not have the software you need.
   Please do this and let us know the results


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