Re: yum, rpm, pirut, pup won't run on FC6

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At 09:55 PM 6/18/2007, Tony Nelson wrote:

<TN>>>>>In many cases a reboot, or just making sure that nothing is using RPM and`rm /var/lib/rpm/__db00?` will fix strange RPM issues.<<<<<

Hmmm ... there are four /var/lib/rpm/__db00x files (000 through 003).

I said "ps aux | grep rpm" and got back nothing, so can I assume nothing is using rpm? Should I just blow away those four __db00x files?

<TN>>>>>Sometimes it helps to rebuild the RPM database, with `rpm --rebuilddb`.This functionality may be going away; if that happens, you will need to re-install the OS instead.<<<<<

Oh, for Pete's sake ... What goes around, comes around, right? I've had to put up with "re-install Windows" as a cure for what ails ye for years, now you're telling me that Linux is tumbling down that same path? :-(

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