Re: FC6 fix Updates

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Karl Larsen wrote:
Hi Jim no guilt towards anything. Some folks might like the automatic updates. I don't. And I did it manually by going to /etc/rc.d. Old but works fine.

I'm glad that you fixed the problem the "old way".

Thanks for the reply. I never really dealt with or examined files within /etc/rc.d and have usually used tools in setup for the console and the tools mentioned in system-config-services for the GUI management. I even use system-config-boot to change the timeout or default kernel if these are the two parameters that need adjusting. :-)

Since I have been usin RHL since 4.2 (educational to learn Unix, prior learning with Minux and Slackware) and later with RHL 5.2 as the version that I actually started to use. (And left windows as a secondary OS). I think I'll look at the content for these files to see what is going on.

I hope Fedora does not go to using gconf-editor type of stuff and force one to use that editor to configure program configuration files but at the same time, I am not extremely familiar with text files other than grub.conf (edit manually a lot), fstab (edit a lot less than in the past), xorg.conf (Edit many, many times on different systems.) The other files I hardly am familiar with. (rc.local and modprobe.conf on rare occasions.)



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