Re: NetworkManager and wifi -- what voodoo is it doing?

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On Tue, Jun 12, 2007 at 06:36:30AM -0400, Matthew Miller wrote:

> Ooops. If I don't have NetworkManager starting at boot, `iwlist eth0 scan`
> returns "No scan results" every time. But if I instead start NetworkManager
> at boot, it works fine -- even after it crashes or I stop it.
> Clearly, NetworkManager is doing some vital configuration of the interface
> at startup. But what? the proper module loaded?  (Sorry, have to ask...)

Do all scan attempts fail?  Or only the first?  If you have iwl3945
hardware, sometimes it seems to take a long time to scan.

If you 'modprobe -r iwl3945 ; modprobe iwl3945' does that change the
scanning situation?

You probably should open a bugzilla...

John W. Linville

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