Re: Why I quit Fedora 7

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Les Mikesell wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:

That doesn't always break things but it should be the first thing to suspect if you've done it and I think you did mention at least a thunderbird and some libraries. If you have problems that others don't, you'll probably have to get back to a stock system and see if they are fixed.

I might try that. It has been VERY bad, what with the printer and Email client not working it is a real bad start. Also Fedora 7 doesn't always come up right. It often comes up without any controls. Others have this same problem.

If you are looking for more stability, you might like CentOS5 at least for the near future. It is very, very much like FC6 at the end of its development and it will have a long security/bugfix support life. The downside is that it never gets 'new feature' updates within the version life, so a year or two from now it may look fairly dated as a desktop platform.

Well for stability I can't fault Fedora Core 4 which I am using now. I have been using it for 3 years about and it never seems to have a problem. It will soon outlive Windows XP :-)


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