Why I quit Fedora 7

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I did not't pay a penny for Fedora 7 the newest of the Fedora versions, but had I paid money for it I would demand a refund. Here are the specific reasons I have found. I never got just the basic things working.

1. Printing:

   Fedora Core 4: use Desktop-System Settings-Printer
   Fedora 7: I could not find anyway to set up the printer.

2. Email:

   Fedora Core 4: Thunerbird loaded easy from their web page
Fedora 7: Found a library file was missing. Yum that and it ran. But I was unable to bring my old setup to Fedora 7 like I did to other Linux versions. With the old data files thunderbird will not run at all. Fedora Core 1 through 4 it worked fine.

3. Web access:

   Fedora Core 4: Firefox latest version works but has minor bugs.
   Fedora 7: Firefox is VERY slow to come up and it is quite odd.

4. Writing:

   Fedora Core 4: Easy to get an editor and write
   Fedora 7: SAB.

Reading this list I have learned the kernel shipped with Fedora 7 is corrupt. That explains some of the odd effects that I see. It appears that just like the DOS packages of long ago you NEVER want a simple number. DOS 4.0 was buggy and bad. DOS 4.1 was a keeper. I'm going to wait for Fedora 7.1 to arrive. And I volunteer to write some part of the documentation, provided I can make that part work :-)

Karl Larsen

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