Re: Why I quit Fedora 7

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Karl Larsen wrote:
I have applied quite a few updates over the past few days. And still I'm having problems you do not. Not sure why. But for me the basic things just do not work.

Did you start with a clean install or did you do an upgrade to an older version? The latter can cause some problems and it is much safer to back up your own data minus the dot-config files in your home directory (which takes some contortions if you want to keep email folders, etc that might be there), and put them back after the new install. Now that disk drives are fairly cheap you might want to install on a new drive and set up dual booting so you keep all of the old data until everything works and fall back to the old system if needed. Or for a less drastic approach, install vmware on the old system and run the new one as a guest until you are comfortable with the way everything works.

The other thing likely to cause unusual problems is installing software that replaces system components from places other than the stock fedora repositories (and livna is usually OK), letting yum resolve the dependencies. That doesn't always break things but it should be the first thing to suspect if you've done it and I think you did mention at least a thunderbird and some libraries. If you have problems that others don't, you'll probably have to get back to a stock system and see if they are fixed.

  Les Mikesell

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