Which packages might affect nash?

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I have been have some problems with F7 installs where at first boot the
root pivot fails possibly because some raid devices aren't seen.

I have done something on the order of 10 installs to the machine from the DVD
and the problem seems to be related to how complete of an install I do.
If I install without doing customization (and just checking the 3 boxes)
the machine successfully boots after the install (at least in the small
sample of trials I have done). If I install everything then the root pivot
fails and the kernel panics and the only data I have is what is on my
screen at that point. I have tried leaving out the virtualization and language
packages and still had the same issue.

I'd like to try to narrow this down further, but the installs take a fair
amount of time and I'd like to focus testing on packages that might actually
have an effect while nash is running.

What I am hoping to get from the list is suggested packages that might affect
how nash runs, that wouldn't be in a minimal install.

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