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Mark Haney wrote:
antonio montagnani wrote:
2007/6/7, Mark Haney <mhaney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
antonio montagnani wrote:
> During upgrade (that went very smooth, tnx to Fedora people!!!)
> grub.conf was not updated, I mean the option of starting FC6 was left
> even if related kernels were deleted.
> I had to upgrade grub.conf by hand.

This could be related to the bug I found with grub not updating with xen
kernels. Bug#242909.

Mark:  my kernels are very standard....

I am aware, and I said /could/ be related. It seems odd that only xen kernels would have this problem. I've not seen it on other boxes, but it doesn't mean there isn't some set of circumstances where it wouldn't.

I just did a couple more upgrades, these at my house and on every occasion (without xen kernels installed) grub was NOT updated properly. In each case (3 in fact) grub.conf was left with the no-longer-available FC6 kernel as the default boot kernel and I had to manually edit it.

I no longer consider this just a bug for xen kernels, but a bug in F7 all around.

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