Re: Installing F7 by CD and not by DVD

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At 2:31 PM +0800 6/6/07, Wong Kwok-hon wrote:
>So will FC7 release in CD iso images ???

No, the Fedora Project will not release a CD set equivalent to the DVD.

Making CD images like the DVD image requires first installing F7 (possibly
in mock).  John Reiser has just made CD images, and has made a torrent
available temporarily at <> .  If this is to work
out, those who download that way must share ("seed") more than they

Fedora can be installed from a Live CD, but not upgraded from an earlier
release that way.  Note that the 64-bit Fedora Live CDs needs DVDs to hold
them, but the 32-bit Fedora Live CDs will fit on an 80 minute (700 MB) CD.
Installing additional packages not on the Live CD requires Internet access
on the box.

If it is possible to do a Hard Disk install as described in the
Installation Guide, and the DVD can be downloaded onto the machine, then
the Rescue CD image can be burned and the install done that way.  If the
machine does not have Internet access, the DVD image might be moved onto
the machine on CDs by using any sort of file splitting utility, such as tar.
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