Re: Installing F7 by CD and not by DVD

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Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

Stanley A. Klein wrote:

How do I get a DVD equivalent install from a single Live CD? I want the combined Gnome/KDE and all the workstation tools I currently run with FC5.
A network install is not an option for me.  I need the multi-CD set or

Then you can either make your own spin or post to fedora-devel list explaining why the current setup is not usable for you.

I don't understand. Obviously the Fedora Project is already set
up to spin CDROM releases. You seem to claim that it is very easy
for the end-user to make his own respin. Since Fedora is *already*
set up for that, it should be even easier for Fedora to do that.

So, if it's so easy, why doesn't Fedora do it, already?

It already does. There are Live CD available. If you are talking about regular non Live CD images I have already answered elsewhere in the same thread. Mirror push back, duplicate packages in different variants, more QA, documentation work, user confusion etc.
Please read what I wrote carefully. I stated that Fedora is already
set up to spin CDROM releases. I am not referring to LiveCD.

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