F7 looking good here.

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I'm completely reinstalled with x86_64 Fedora 7 now, and I went
through my checklist of everything I did in F6, and it looks
like I've got it all working the same way under F7.

Scanner works, built lirc driver OK, built truecrypt driver OK,
I can play DVDs with mplayer and get the digital audio
sent to my receiver. Just can't find anything busted.

There were one or two packages I had to download which were
previously on the DVD, but that was no big deal once I noticed
something missing (kdegames being the most important :-).

The only annoying problem I ran into was:

It may be a yumex only problem. When I install 32 bit f7,
I'll stick to just yum rather than fancy gui and see if I
get all the dependencies.

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