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Mike McCarty wrote:
That must be something recent.  Also some people believed that it did in

IIRC, it was mentioned in K&R v1.


    This part I am sure of, because I have had to fix many, many peoples
code due to this belief.  The ANSI comittee may have changed the
standard, but I would bet that a lot of older compilers still generate
code with no initialization.

I sort-of remember some discussion about this back when people were trying to run unix on machines without memory management. Usually the OS would zero blocks of memory before allocating it to a process for security reasons but I don't think C ever guaranteed that. Lint should always have warned you about using uninitialized variables, though.

Older? ANSI C is since 1989. I guess one could characterize 19 years
as "older". :-)

C was old before ANSI came along. Maybe we could revive the discussion of why "abcd"[2] must evaluate to 'c'.

  Les Mikesell

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