Re: Fedora Core 6 HUGE problem

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Ric Moore wrote:
On Tue, 2007-05-29 at 13:08 +0930, Tim wrote:
I don't have a problem with the FOSS stance with Fedora.  There's plenty
of other Linux distros for those who don't care about that.

I do have to applaud Fedora for one thing... they drew the line in the
sand and they have stuck to their guns with regards to FOSS since he
beginning. You can depend on that.
So, I have maintained Java, Firefox, gspca and nVidia source tarball
installs in /opt from their respective sites for a long time, with nary
a burp in the barrel. It Just Works. (tm) To be running Firefox 1.5 is
just pure anathema to me. Nor do I have to get into the politics of it
all. Of course some may regard this as a case of my own situational
morality, <g> but there it is... it works. Ric

Can I paraphrase your advice as: "Fedora is a system with a nice packaging and update mechanism. Don't use them."?

  Les Mikesell

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