Re: CentOS vs stability: req a Fedora / RHEL perspective

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At 9:59 PM -0500 5/24/07, Les Mikesell wrote:
>Tony Nelson wrote:
>> That choice would be mostly by hand yum-updating, right?  Do a yum update,
>> sa "no", pick the parts I want and yum update package1 package2?
>Yes - but there is rarely a reason to do that with stock centos packages.


>I'd guess that's the biggest set of changes we'll see for 4.x.

I sure hope so.  182 packages was a lot.

>I had
>3.x servers in production before 4.x was released and had to pick
>something for a larger rollout right after its release and went with the
>sure thing.  Even a few months later I would have used 4.x and just been
>a little more careful about testing the new kernels before updating the
>remote boxes.

OK, thanks.
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