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Mike McCarty wrote:
Matthew Saltzman wrote:


sizeof(char) == 1 is guaranteed by the standard. There's no reference to "bytes", but it is commonly accepted that the char type is a byte.

Erm, from the Standard:

       [#1] byte
       addressable  unit  of  data storage large enough to hold any
       member  of  the  basic  character  set  of   the   execution

Also from the Standard:

       [#1] character
       bit representation that fits in a byte  The sizeof operator

[#2] The sizeof operator yields the size (in bytes)  of  its
       operand,  which  may  be  an expression or the parenthesized
       name of a type.  The size is determined from the type of the
       operand.   The  result  is  an  integer.  If the type of the
       operand is a variable length  array  type,  the  operand  is
       evaluated;  otherwise,  the operand is not evaluated and the
       result is an integer constant.

The word "byte" appears dozens of times in the Standard, not counting
its appearance in the word "multibyte".

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