Re: Need some warning on LDAP upgrades!

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>>>>> "TA" == Tim Alberts <talberts@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

TA> I just downloaded the updates today and all my user accounts and
TA> passwords were completely wiped from my LDAP server?

Yes, this happened to me as well, and caused quite a bit of trouble
because it didn't just kill the server (which would have been OK
because I have multiple servers).  Instead it loaded an nice empty
database and proceeded to serve that.  Sadly, I had tested the update
that sat in the testing repository and warned that it shouldn't be put
out, but after some months it was pushed anyway.

All you need to do is stop the server and then copy the contents of
/var/lib/ldap/rpmorig to /var/lib/ldap, make sure the ownership is
correct (should be ldap:ldap) and start the server.  But do tar
everything off first just in case.

 - J<

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