Re: Checkbox for "Install Everything"

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From: "Tom Horsley" <tom.horsley@xxxxxxx>

On Sun, 20 May 2007 11:06:03 -0400
Eric <spamsink@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Can we please, Please, **___PLEASE___** have that option back for F7?  It
makes installation so much easier and faster...

Clearly you missed the discussion wherein it was resolved by the
OCD police that an install everything button is the worse possible
heresy imaginable.

Just possibly they might be willing to provide a button that is
labeled "Pretend I right clicked on every package group and selected
all optional packages on each one", but until you pry their keyboards
from their cold dead hands, you won't get an install everything button.

(Being a heretic myself, this is as sensible an explanation as I
can provide for why there is no install everything button :-).

I find it most annoying that there is no such button for installs. But I
do recognize that there are pairs of items in the install that are
mutually exclusive. It used to be that a Red Hat install recognized this
and made a good attempt to do the right thing. (If a command-line only
and an X version of a tool that conflicted with the CLO version existed
only the X version would be selected, for example.)

When Fedora happened laziness crept in, with some justification, and the
good button went away. Not only that but by methodically clicking away
when you really don't know about the conflicts can get you into trouble.
I do it anyway. When I have spare time I like to explore some of the more
obscure things this action puts onto my system. I learn that way. And
while learning is painful, having learned is a sublime experience.


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