kdelive install rpm borked

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Has anyone tried to install this? It's supposed to be the wunderkind of
all video editors for Linux, but the install and the lib rpms
dependencies are borked. The includes and libs install
to /usr/local/include and /usr/local/lib and the main rpm just segfaults
right out of the box. I'd love to see it in action. Here's the URL:

It looks promising as heck, it's just past my abilities to fix it. I did
try moving the libs to /usr/lib and it cranked up a little better than
the initial startup, meaning I saw a setup screen, before it blew. So, I
moved the include files to /usr/include, yet it still blew up. This
ought to be a good one to rescue, as we surely need a video editor that
claims to be easy to use. Ric


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