Re: On Bugzilla and spreading FOSS, was: Where Fedora Went Wrong...

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M. Fioretti wrote:
On Wed, May 16,  R. Sundaram (sundaram@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:

You can choose to not contribute anything back and only expect to
get everything for free but if everybody chooses to be selfish you
wouldn't get what you are getting. This is a ecosystem that relies
folks investing resources like their own time or money. If you have
the time to complain you have time to contribute.

I have already explained (1) why I believe the "This is a COMMUNITY,
so you must contribute to it in some way" slogan, even when expressed
politely and in full good faith as Rahul just did, is... let's say
counterproductive, these days, so I won't repeat it here.

Did I ever say you must? Don't put words on my mouth.

The only problem is that expecting that software *newbies* will ever
understand by themselves how to correctly use anything like bugzilla
is just foolish.

Sure, bugzilla is not the best tracking interface around. There are folks who have been trying out other systems too but we can't just go around implementing what we think is the best. A key aspect of any distribution is that bugs have been tracked across several different upstream projects. Bugzilla is finally getting that straightened out. Hopefully we will see it improved or replaced. Meanwhile I wrote


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