Can someone give me a really WORKING yum.conf?

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It's been since FC2 that I have tried to use yum but always failed
whatever and however many replies I have got from this list and tried

Like just installing apt on debian and using apt-get update and in a
split second, it connects and gets updates from servers and there's a
lit of updates on the screen getting downloaded and in a few minutes
you can apt-get install anything.

I guess yum is nowhere near apt and well it might be working for some
but atleast not for me. I'd be glad if just like the apt sources.list,
someone can paste me a working yum.conf file that I can just paste in
yum.conf and instantly get the updates like apt ?

Previously I had proxy issues too but now I have a direct connection
to the net but still yum won't work.


Please don't Cc: me, I'm subscribed to the list.

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