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2.0 will be great, yes. Allows things like any element can be a hyperlink.

Even if it's HTML4 rendered as XML, that's still better then using purely HTML4.01.

HTML is DEAD, has been for years. Using it is rather pointless - unless you want to be backwards!

Scott van Looy wrote:
Today Zahn Daltocli did spake thusly:

I'd use XHTML 1.1 personally. HTML is outdated. HTML4.01 has been around for YEARS (Nearly a decade) with no signs of HTML5 being released (they say it will, but looks very doubtful).

XHTML is more interesting to play with, is up-to-date and allows more functionality.

Doesn't. XHTML 1 is simply HTML 4 rendered as XML - 1.1 doesn't have much in the way of new features. When 2 is released it'll be amazing...

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