Re: GUI for mounting drives?

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Em Qua 02 Mai 2007, Michael Wiktowy escreveu:
> Fedora works really well for mounting removable media on /media and
> putting a icon on the desktop, does Fedora have a GUI means of
> triggering a similar thing for mounting a fixed disk partition (and
> asking for the requisite root password)?
> I was looking around for such a thing and couldn't find anything in
> pirut that did that.
> I did end up cludging something with mount command lines and making
> directories but it seemed like there was an easier way to be had by
> just extending what happens for removable media.
> /Mike

kwikdisk is a tray applet for KDE that will let you quickly and easily mount 
and umount devices that are listed in /etc/fstab. You should first register 
them there using the options noauto and users/user.
It also shows the free space in each mounted device, which I find very useful.


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