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Tony Nelson wrote:

> Well, don't forget that greylisting will delay each new legitimate mail
> sender by a while (maybe a few hours), requires maintaining whitelists for
> the server farms of large email providers (AOL, etc.) or email from them
> may take much more than 4 hours to get through, and the mail must be
> handled twice by your server rather than just once.

You are incorrect on several counts.

1.  The time to delay is configurable in a good greylist milter.  Mine is
set to 15 minutes since this is pretty much the default retry interval of
most MTAs.

2.  No whitelist maintaining is needed.  The sending system either tries
again or it doesn't.  If it is a legitimate sender, it will retry.  Also,
when a sender/system is allowed it will be cached.  So, even if you have
multiple servers from AOL, etc. they will eventually be cached.

3.  The email itself will only be handled once.  When a server to be delayed
first contacts your server the milter will check the cache with the initial
information supplied and simply close the connection and not allow the DATA
portion to be sent.

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