Setting up multiple simultaneous sessions

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	Now GDM is configured properly (thanks again Mike), I would like to set
up this FC6 box to allow 5 users (the kids) to login concurrently as
different sessions and switch to their session for as long or, more to
the point, as little as they need.

	Two possibilities that I have considered is using the Lock Screen and
Switch user in KDE, so that they can select their session from the gui
menu.  Alternately, can fixed login session be assigned to one of the
F1-F5 keys for each user and one other for me to access as a console if
required, rather than the default F7, with F1-F6 as consoles?  If so how
can this be done?

	Also, can a new session be started from within Gnome as it can from
within KDE?

	All your comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Simon Slater

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