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On Thursday 19 April 2007, Mail List wrote:
>   kmail speaks gnupg which is nice. However, for me,  it crashes - not
> infrequently - there is a known bug if mail arrives and you are deleting or
> moving a mail at the same time. For me with several accounts set up this
> can happen several times a day - when I'm using a single low volume account
> I have not seen it crash. Although there are a few known problems, as far
> as I can tell development mostly ended a couple of years back. When it
> crashes you have to hand kill all processes or wait a few minutes till they
> die off before restarting it.
As I'm subscribed to several lists, I do have a fair amount of traffic.  For 
me it crashes maybe once or twice a week which could be under those 
circumstances - but then most of my folder handling is done on the server 
using procmail.  While the indexing can be screwed up by such a crash, I 
haven't lost any mail by it.   However, the current version in FC6 (I say 
that because I don't know whether it's kmail or FC's package of it that has 
the problem) has one but that I could guarantee would make it crash.  If you 
try to move a hundred messages at a time it will crash - and that includes 
deleting them.  I now select around 50 at a time if I have to do a mass 

I'm not sure what you have in mind when you talk about your several accounts.  
I presume that you collect all your accounts from the server at the same 
frequency?  Or maybe you don't and that's causing the problem.  I'm just 
questioning that because I do collect all accounts every 5 minutes and 
haven't seen your problem.  The odds on hitting the conflict you describe 
would be so much less in that situation.


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