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On Wednesday 18 April 2007, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Mike Burger wrote:
> > Timothy Murphy wrote:
> >> I've been wondering how to sync kmail on my desktop and laptop(s),
> >> and decided in the end to use nfs,
> >> exporting my ~/Mail/ directory on the desktop
> >> to the laptops.
> >>
> >> This works fine, except that kmail is unable to get new mail
> >> from /var/spool/mail/ as it did on the desktop.
> >> [All my email, from various sources, arrives there.]
> >>
> >> I guess I could export this as well -
> >> but is there any other (simple) solution?
> >
> > Yup.  Use IMAP instead of NFS.
> Doesn't IMAP download the email to the local machine?
> I am trying dovecot on the server
> and kmail on the laptop with an IMAP account.
> Maybe I have set it up wrongly,
> but as I said the email is downloaded to the laptop,
> so if I use another laptop I cannot see this email.
As someone else said, imap leaves mail on the server.  However, what you may 
have on your laptop, is your account set up as dimap - disconnected imap.  
That does put mail on your client, but I wouldn't have thought that it 
deleted from the server unless there's a setting to choose this.  I haven't 
used dimap, so I'm hazy on that.

I run dovecot on one box, and can view all my mail from any box or laptop on 
the LAN, with either kmail or thunderbird.  If you have specific problems, 
try the kde-pim list for help.


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