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On Wednesday 18 April 2007 07:26:19 am Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Wednesday 18 April 2007, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> > Mike Burger wrote:
> > > Timothy Murphy wrote:
> > >> I've been wondering how to sync kmail on my desktop and laptop(s),
> > >> and decided in the end to use nfs,
> > >> exporting my ~/Mail/ directory on the desktop

  Following many others - the default set up is to always leave mail on the 
imap server - in fact I know of no way using kmail - aside from 
settings->filters - to auto move mail off the imap server and to a local 
folder. Is it possible you accidently pointed it at pop3 server or hand 
moved - sorry if its a silly question.

  << opinion follows >>
  I use kmail on imap daily - a lot. I prefer its interface over evolution 
which when last I played with it had some memory leaks of gigantic 
proportions and I found its interface pedestrian, slow and unattractively 
unconfigurable (go gnome). 

  kmail speaks gnupg which is nice. However, for me,  it crashes - not 
infrequently - there is a known bug if mail arrives and you are deleting or 
moving a mail at the same time. For me with several accounts set up this can 
happen several times a day - when I'm using a single low volume account I 
have not seen it crash. Although there are a few known problems, as far as I 
can tell development mostly ended a couple of years back. When it crashes you 
have to hand kill all processes or wait a few minutes till they die off 
before restarting it.  

There were some nice improvements in kde 3.5 timeframe that give you control 
over reply and forwarding templates - you can even create a reply template 
where your response is at the top - which, aside  from people who only read 
the last thread of an email, has value - at least to those who've recalled 
and have no desire to keep reading the same thing over and over as it goes 
round. I don't think evo or thunderboid let you do that!

  Its major flaw (in addtional to crashes) is its inabilty compose any but 
rudimentary html formatted mail and much. much worse is its totally useless  
to respond to an HTML formatted email without destroying the formatting - 
which makes it next to useless in the business world - sadly the devs are 
unresponsive at best. 

  At least it mostly renders incoming html mail ok. But don't dare respond to 
a table which requres a yes in the approval box, or a formatted list multiple 
folks are emailing about ... you will become unpopular very fast!! 

  I'm open to suggestions for a good mail client - I sometimes use thunderbird 
and evolution. They each have pros and cons - I have not tried the Claws-mail 
someone mentioned earlier on the list ... yet.

 I used to use mutt - but its tepid ability to deal with multiple accounts 
finally drove me nuts!

 << end opinion >>

good luck.

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