Re: Why most run Microsoft, not RedHat

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Les Mikesell:
>>> there are three methods known to fix windows problems and you always
>>> try them in this order: (1) reboot, (2), reinstall windows, (3)
>>> reformat.

>> The three "r"s..., though you're missing the fourth one:  repeat...

Claude Jones:
> Not my experience at all. I manage around 50-100 machines depending on the 
> time of year and trade winds - been doing it for ten years. I've reinstalled 
> Windows less than 5 times - I've done a fair share of repairs, many more than 
> re-installs, but that saves all the settings and data. There are lots of good 
> reasons to not like Windows, but it gets downright silly sometimes on these 
> lists...

Well, to be pedantic, have a look at Les's post, again.  What do you
have to do, in that list, after a "reformat"?  ;-)

I have one Win98SE box left here, that's been reinstalled only two or
three times, at least one of those was a hard drive change, and another
was so many strange faults that I just gave up trying to diagnose it.
In general, I avoided the three/four Rs of Windows debugging.  But then
I rarely installed stuff on the box, it's crap-outs were generally down
to itself, not me.

But for a large number of people, it's what they have to do, and quite
often.  They don't know how to diagnose a file, and/or they don't have
the time.

(This box runs FC6, my others run FC4 & FC5, in case that's
 important to the thread.)

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