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>> Set external hostname here
>> /etc/sysconfig/network
>> Set internal hostname here
>> /etc/hosts

Michael Klinosky:
> huh? There are EXternal and INternal hostnames?

The hosts file can be used by the machine for it to work out what names
and IP addresses are associated with each other.  It has no bearing on
what outside devices know of the machine.

e.g. If the machine is it can look in the hosts file for a
line with that IP address, and see what names are associated with it,
and presume that it's hostname is the first one listed there.

Each interface has its own IP address, and you can associate a hostname
with it, as well (i.e. a machine with several interfaces will have
several *different* addresses).  For communication beyond the machine,
the machine needs to refer to itself in the same manner as other
external machines are going to refer to it.

e.g. If they expect it to be then the machine
should be configured to be on the interface that
it's using.

> I set the external hostname with the gui app (system - admin - network).

That usually takes care of everyone in one go.

> They don't have to be the same name, do they? I'm curious about this
> because my dsl 4-port router sees only 1 machine (a Windows machine,
> which I named). I named the other 3 boxes (all linux, with FC6), and the
> router doesn't list them in DHCP Client Status. I don't know if there's
> a connection. (Btw, 1 of my linux units has a static lan IP - for SSH.)

Most modem/routers will only have names in their internal table that
belong to machines that it doled out an IP address to using DHCP, or
that you configured into its DHCP server.  Anything done in another way,
it won't have any details about it.  It depends on DHCP configuration as
to whether names are sent over it, as well as IP addresses.

(This box runs FC6, my others run FC4 & FC5, in case that's
 important to the thread.)

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