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On Thursday 12 April 2007, Ed Greshko wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> Rant mode on here Ed.
>Thanks for the the warning.  After reading your whole message I would never
>had thought you were ranting.  :-)

Your sense of humor is showing. Thanks. :)

>> Not permanently.  I was able to use fdisk and add a 4th partition to
>> account for the rest of the drive after I was done.  That's why I asked
>> the question about adding it to the LVM setup for real use, but no one has
>> offered any how to on that, not yet anyway.
>With respect for LVM I'll have to admit that I've become lazy.  I'd not used
>it before and I decided to invoke it this past weekend when setting up RAID
>and putting in additional storage on my RHELv4 system.  So, I took a short
>cut and used a GUI instead of the CLI.  Shame on me.
>Anyway, if you use the GUI does it detect the additional space and can it be
>initialized for LVM usage?
I believe it did.  At least it went through the motions of merging it into the 
existing /dev/hda3.  But, the lower graphic shows hda4 on the left end, where 
common sense says it should be on the right end, at least in my view.

And, although I initialized it, the total size of that volume is still shown 
as 149GB, when it should now be about 186GB.  Maybe it takes a reboot?  I 

>So as not to let the rest of your words go to waste....yes Amiga was may
>Amigo too a while back.


Cheers, Gene
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