Re: what the f*ck (pardon my french)

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On 3/7/07, Valent Turkovic <[email protected]> wrote:
This didn't happen for some time, but today I managed to restart X in
the middle of my work!
I was pissed.
This should happen. Only key combination I know of for restarting X is

I use klipper in gnome as clipboard manager.

I wanted to see a list of clipboard stack, and tried to press
CTRL-ALT-V which pops up klipper window from tray.

I'm not sure which keys I pressed but some key near V. Maybe C or F.
But still when I not try CTRL-ALT-C or F my desktop stays working, X
doesn't reset.
Can somebody explain this to me?

Thank you.
CTRL-H  is the backspace keysequence in vi & bash shell.  I wonder if
somehow you managed to send a CTRL-ALT-<CTRL-H> key sequence to the
terminal.  I wasn't able to do it no matter what I seemd to try.
Maybe it's possible somehow.  And the H is relatively close to the V.

Jacques B.

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