Re: Encrypt parts of drive?

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Tim wrote:
> Tim:
>>> I imagine you'd also want to change how you use /tmp, as well.
>>> Perhaps using tmpfs (which'll use RAM instead of disc space).
> Todd Zullinger:
>> Good point.  (In theory you could also set TMPDIR to somewhere that's
>> secured, but then you'd get burned by any apps that are hardwired to
>> use /tmp.  So tmpfs is a better option.)
> Though that has it's own problems.  I notice that Nautilus wants to
> use /tmp to create disc burning image files, you'd have to wade through
> gconf to point that elsewhere, unless you had enough RAM to do that
> off-disc.  I don't know about other programs that make large temporary
> files.
> There's also a /var/tmp/ directory, but I've not seen anything make use
> of it.  Though, again, you could mount it using tmpfs.
There is a /usr/tmp that is a link to /var/tmp. I am not sure if it
gets used ether.

You can also set TMP to someplace useful. I am not sure how many
programs pay attention to it. I know that with Mandriva, TMP pointed
to a directory in the user's home directory, and most programs
appeared to used it. A bunch of my scripts also check for TMP, and
use it if it is set, or default to /tmp if it is not.


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