Re: A dream of a Red hat linux for desktop PC ?

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Phil Meyer wrote:
> Preference is the only real issue.  That is a good thing.
> yes, there is a company behind Fedora that has a very fixed motive for
> what it wants out of Fedora.  When there is a conflict of interest
> between RedHat and the Fedora community, the community CAN win, but
> seldom does.  That can be both good and bad.

Um. What do you have in mind?

I can think of five possible areas where the community and the company
could be said to be in disagreement.

One is that Red Hat will only support Fedora for so long. They've made
it quite clear that the community are welcome to support it for longer,
and provided infrastructure to enable this. The result was the Legacy

One is the basic rules of the game. Fedora was set up to be a Free
Software only distribution, and won't touch patented software without
some sort of legal cover. Eric Raymond doesn't like that, and nor do
many other people. They want to turn Fedora into something it isn't --
which they're welcome to do, they just can't call it Fedora and they
can't use Red Hat funded infrastructure.

And then there's the high turnover of updates. That's much the same
thing -- it would be easy for someone with sufficient bandwidth to
provide a "security and serious bugfix only" yum repo for supported
Fedora distributions, supplying selected official updates. They could
probably even call it Fedora.

Arguably, there's support for Xen in the Fedora kernels. It's in largely
because Red Hat wants it for the RHEL kernels, but Dave Jones (Fedora
kernel maintainer) has argued long and loud that it makes his job a lot
harder, and makes it harder to update to current kernels. (For example,
the latest Fedora kernel is 2.6.19, while 2.6.20 has been out nearly
three weeks. This is very largely due to the problem of integrating

Finally, as a result, Dave Jones is very nervous about kernel modules
that aren't in the upstream tree and aren't in the official
Fedora RPMs, considering them virtually impossible to support.

I'm not sure that in any area Red Hat "wins" except that there are some
things it doesn't want to fund, and other areas where Red Hat funding is
limited. It's difficult to argue with that.

But the community *certainly* wins -- we've got Fedora!

I'd note that there *are* a number of distributions where people have
done exactly what I suggest -- taken Fedora and modified it to suit
themselves: It's
arguable that RHEL fits exactly into that category.


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