Re: How to SMTP (Email) Server Fedora 6?

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James Wilkinson wrote:
I wrote:
These days, Postfix supports the sendmail milter interface. It always
has run under different user IDs for security. And it has long had its
own ways of tying in antivirus and spam scanning.
Les Mikesell wrote:
Do you know if it can run MimeDefang?
It looks like the answer is "not yet".
has the question:
Also, since the next version of Postfix will offer milter support,
does that mean MIMEDefang may/should work at that point?
and the author of Postfix replied:
I haven't had time to implement Milter message body replacement
yet, and don't want to delay the 2.3 release further. It is likely
that message body replacement will be added in the 2.4 release cycle.
FC6 has Postfix 2.3.
Thanks. If you are interested in the way MimeDefang multiplexes
operations among a small pool a perl back ends, there is a description
starting on page 31 of the pdf at:
Using MimeDefang moves all of your complicated non-standard operations
under the control of a small chunk of perl with a library of stock
routines provided and it does it more efficiently than systems that
can't multiplex fast and slow steps among different handlers. The
mailer driving it only has to handle standard operations and would be
more or less irrelevant except that sendmail is currently the only one
that works with it.
  Les Mikesell
   [email protected]

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