Re: How to SMTP (Email) Server Fedora 6?

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Les Mikesell wrote:
> It is ridiculously obtuse because you don't have examples for the
> few changes you would be likely to want to make to and
> the package to rebuild it isn't included by default.

I managed to find the sendmail-cf package or whatever it's called
without much issue.  I find it laughable that the simple config for
sendmail is done using m4 macros.  What the hell is wrong with simple
key/value pairs?  So when I say it is obtuse I am not referring to
complete gibberish in the real config file, I'm talking about the method.

Anyway, I ditched sendmail long ago and I don't follow its development
at all.  It's among the first thing gone from any installs I do.

> Sendmail is no different in terms of security holes than named,
> sshd, ftpd, or the kernel itself.  They've all had security holes
> and fixed them.  Why single out sendmail in this respect?

It's not being singled out.  Network service are disabled by default
to the greatest extent possible.  AFAIK, only sshd is enabled by
default, I could be wrong though.  I don't know why you feel that
sendmail is getting some sort of mistreatment here.

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