Re: Samba, connection is slow but copying files is fast.

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korgull wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an issue with Samba regarding connection speed. The issue is not speed 
> in general because copying files to and from a share works well. The issue is 
> that it takes ages before I can access the share and start doing something.
> Once it connects it is fast. When I stop using the share and try to open it 
> again after a while, I again have a long waiting time before I can connect. 
> The time I have to wait is somewhere between 10-30 seconds.
> The network uses DHCP and both samba server and client are connected to a 
> Linksys router.
> Does anyone have a clue to what can be the issue ?
> regards,
> Marcel
You may want to check to see if you have "dns proxy = no" in your
Samba config file. If it is set to yes, you may be experiencing DNS
lookup delays when first connecting. Though I would expect something
in the order of 90 seconds for DNS lookup delay when I can not find
the host it is trying to look up. You should also look in
/var/log/samba to see if the logs there say anything helpful.


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