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Thank you for your reply. The reason I want to do this
is that after installing some updates FC says that it
can't detect the soundcard anymore.( The soundcard was
working fine initially ) .

Is this a good idea? 

Thank you,
.--- Sam Varshavchik <[email protected]> wrote:

> Alex Miua writes:
> > Hello everyone!
> > 
> > If I want to "re install " FC6 with the orginal
> CD's
> > and restore the original settings of it, is there
> a
> > way of doing it ? 
> Define "original settings".
> There are no all-encompassing, over-arching
> configuration settings in 
> Fedora, like the Windows registry.  Each program
> handles its own 
> configuration settings in its own way.
> If you want to reinstall everything from scratch,
> just run the installer and 
> tell it to wipe all your existing partitions. 
> Everything will get 
> reformatted and repartitioned, from scratch.
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