Re: Network install of FC6, using CD1 of FC5. OK?

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John Bowden wrote:
> Rob. I don't know much about doing a network
> install, but I would imagine you might have
> problems if the installer is getting install info
> from the local FC5 disk. if you have any problems
> email me off list and
> I will send you some disks. What do you prefer the
> cd set or the dvd disk? I have the DVD disk iso on
> my hard drive and can download the cd if you want
> those instead.

Thanks, I appreciate your offer to help me out.
I actually do have friends with a CD burner, but
I want to mimimize me bothering them for that each
time :). Also, I'd like to find out if I can do
without the extra CD, moving on to FC6.

Anyway, I've meanwhile already advanced into the
part where the individual packages are installed.
(all this is going not so fast due to slow network).
But no warnings or errors so far.

There's nothing to lose for me as I'm trying this
out on a spare harddisk.
Let's see if I get surprises when the installation
is about to finish.....


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