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Dotan Cohen:
Patrick, not all of us are native English speakers. Theose grammer
checkers are especially important for us who might be able to express
ourselves in English, but need to present a professional appearance.

Exactly my point. If you want to present a professional appearance,
do not rely on the grammar-checking in MS Office to get you there.
Nothing replaces checking with a Harbrace (or a native speaker) when you
need to make sure that what you are sending is grammatically correct.

I'd go along with that.  I am a native English speaker, and I've found
word processing grammar checking tools leave a lot to be desired.  Some
of the results, I've seen, give you the impression that a 12 year old
wrote the document.  They might find some glaring errors, but more
subtle ones go un-noticed.

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Is "Harbrace" a software or just a book? If it is also a soft, please give me the link to download it (if it is free).

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