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From: "James Wilkinson" <[email protected]>
jdow wrote:
How are you installing it? (I jettison the Fedora RPM and use cpan. That
gives you a "canonical" install. Before removing the RPM save the file
/etc/init.d/spamassassin. It is useful when it comes time to make spamd

I have a dummy spamassassin RPM that installs nothing other than the
knowledge that a dummy spamassassin is present to satisfy the YUM monster.
That's "canonical" as in "direct from";?

The download page says
 RPM: SpamAssassin RPMs can be built directly from the tar file.

   * Simply run:

     rpmbuild -tb Mail-SpamAssassin-3.1.7.tar.gz

     If necessary use the following option if you grab the bzip2 tar
     file instead of the gzip version:

     --define "srcext .bz2"

You end up with two RPMs you need to install, instead of Fedora's one,
but you end up with canonical SpamAssassin managed by RPM.
The missing files that are in that second RPM are the main reason I went
to CPAN installs. It also means I can add the perl features that can make
SpamAssassin somewhat stronger.

RPM management seems to leave you too much at the mercy of the Fedora
Core folks who seem to be allergic to including features from time to time.


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