Re: What is an error -22 ??

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On Tue, 2006-12-19 at 23:05 -0500, William Case wrote:
> Hi;
> I am getting the following line in dmesg:
> "bt878: probe of 0000.02:0d.1 failed with error -22"
> I am trying to get my ATI TV Wonder VE TV tuner card to work with a
> newly installed ATI Radeon 9600 video card.  Lots of problems; the main
> one beeing that TV window intermittently but frequently gives a 'no
> signal' warning. 
> What is error -22?  Where can I find a list of error messages that might
> appear in my log(s)?
> I am using the bttv driver, tvtimes and tuner=2 option.  I right now I
> am trying *all* tuner options, but so far no hint of any luck.
> -- 
> Regards Bill

Kernel modules return negative error codes.
Error -22 is -EINVAL. or "Invalid argument".
Mostly likely something is broken within the bttv driver.
I'd suggest you file a bug report in the bugzilla.

- Gilboa

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