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On Friday 15 December 2006 18:16, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Friday 15 December 2006 11:56, Scott van Looy wrote:
> >Today Gene Heskett did spake thusly:
> >> On Friday 15 December 2006 11:28, Scott van Looy wrote:
> >>> Today Gene Heskett did spake thusly:
> >>>> Greetings;
> >>>>
> >>>> I was just at a web site looking for info on receiving ATSC tv on my
> >>>> pcHDTV-3000 card, and wasn't able to visit several of the links
> >>>> because javascript wasn't enabled.  According to FF it is.
> >>>>
> >>>> However, I don't think any java function has worked since installing
> >>>> FC6.
> >>>>
> >>>> Is there a set way to do this, or have TPTB decided that they cannot
> >>>> tolerate the Sun license, so java is history?  That seems rather
> >>>> short sighted to me...
> >>>
> >>> Java is nothing whatsoever to do with Javascript
> >>
> >> Ohhkaaay.  This is already installed:
> >> [[email protected] ~]# rpm -q js
> >> js-1.5-6.fc6
> >>
> >> Is this not the correct javascript package?  I'd have to assume till
> >> someone tells me different, that when I hover the mouse over a link
> >> and the link bar at the bottom of the FF screen says 'javascript',
> >> without the quotes of course.
> >
> >Firefox's javascript is part of the firefox package - provide us with a
> >link to whatever it is you're trying to view that's not working?
> Damn, I reached up to click on the tab where it was and hit too close to
> the closetab button.  Now the only one I can see with a google search is
> Gerd Knorrs patch at, and that whole
> page Just Works(TM).  Sorry.
> This is related to making my pcHDTV-3000 work with an ATSC signal.  It
> works fine with an analog NTSC, but I turned on the digital on ch6
> tuesday evening and would like to be able to monitor it here at home.

Gene. I looked on the pchdtv site out of interest. There is a post on page 2 
of the "General pcHDTV topics" forum where some guy has digital working, but 
not analog. It may be worth looking at that post to see what modules he has 
loaded for dvb, and comparing them to your lsmod.

You say also that you're only 3 miles away from the transmitter. I know that 
FM radio is more directional than AM, and no doubt digital TV transmissions 
are the same compared to analog, and just 3 miles away brings you down to a 
very narrow angle to centre on, but perhaps I just don't know what I'm 
talking about. There's a link on the site for checking out your antenna.

You might also try on the video4linux list. [email protected]

Nice to see that there is a TV card specifically for linux.

I'm only using analog TV through a Hauppauge Win TV EXpress card. I've had 
some problems setting it up on various distros, but all in all it works ok.

Hope you get yours fixed for the digital stuff.


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